smiles driving 'A journey to success'
smiles driving'A journey to success'

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Jamie Wood, Markfield

#drivinginstructorloughborough Jamie Wood passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME - 11 dfs - Loughborough TC - 20.12.18

"I wanted to pass my Driving Test quickly, as I needed to drive to and from work each day.  My brother had passed FIRST TIME with Sam at Smiles Driving, so I thought she'd be the obvious choice for me.  I was so glad that I chose Sam, as I also passed FIRST TIME within a 2 month period.  I booked 2 hour lesson slots on Saturday mornings and Sam carried out Mock Tests once my Practical Test was booked in. Thank you......"

Lydia Robb, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Lydia Robb passed her Driving Test with 3DFs at Loughborough Test Centre - 13.12.18

"Both my Sister and I took a course of Driving Lessons with Sam at Smiles Driving.  We managed to pass within a 4 month period and just in time for Christmas.  We completed weekly lessons and Mock Tests running up to our practical test.  Alongside, we drove with our parents outside of lessons.  Thsnk you ...."

Amy Duke, Loughborough

#drivinglessonsloughborough Amy Duke passed her Driving Test - 04.12.18 at Loughborough Test Centre - 9 DFs

"Taking a course of lessons along side my final (5th year) degree course was quite a challenge for me.  However, I managed to pass my Driving Test and now this will help me find a job in the Engineering Sector.  Thank you Smiles Driving...."

Emma Cox, Glenfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Emma Cox passed her Driving Test (First Time) 5 dfs - Loughborough Test Centre - 03.12.18

"Passing my Driving Test FIRST TIME meant everything to me.  I wanted to pass it as soon as possible, as achieving the very best grades in my A levels was my top priority.  I completed 25 hours of tuition and drove outside of lessons in my parents car.  Sam from Smiles advised, it was my positive attitude and determination that helped me achieved my success."

Dylan Evans, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Dylan Evans passed his Driving Test - 11 DFs - 28.11.18 - Loughborough TC

"I was pleased to pass my Driving Test, giving me the independance that I wanted. Thanks Sam."

Kyle Walker, Bagworth

#drivinglessonsloughborough Kyle Walker passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME - 20.11.18 - 5dfs - Loughborough Test Centre

"Thanks Sam for these past 4 months.  I've thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and delighted to have achieved a FIRST TIME pass."  

Harvey Barnes, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Harvey Barnes passed his Driving Test - 8 dfs - Loughborough Test Centre - 14.11.18

"I felt great once I passed my Driving Test and a real sense of relief.  I only had a few lessons over a 2.5 month period.  I had purchased my own car and was excited about driving it without being accompanied by anyone.  Many of my friends had passed with Sam at Smiles Driving (IKA mum :)

It felt an obvious choice of Instructor.......Thank you."







Lauren Salt, Markfield

#drivinglessomsloughborough Lauren Salt passed her Driving Test - FIRST TIME - 9dfs - 13.11.18 Loughborough Test Centre

"I was absolutely delighted to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME and with only 17 hours of lessons.  After contacting Sam at Smiles Driving I booked a course of lessons and she made it clear that I was to take the Theory Test as soon as possible.  I booked it straight away and passed it.  After a couple of lessons with Sam, she said I had natural ability to driving and she could see the determination and that I was eager to succeed.  Thank you..."

Aston Beales, Ratby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Aston Beales passed his Driving Test - Loughborough Test Centre - 6 dfs - 13.11.18

"I had a job opportunity waiting for me once I passed my Driving Test, so it meant everything to me. I'm so pleased to have the independance I wanted. Thanks Smiles Driving.."

Charlotte Robb, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Charlotte Robb passed her Driving Test - FIRST TIME - 3dfs - 06.11.18 at Loughborough Test Centre

"I had only 21 hours of lessons with Sam, before I passed my test with a FIRST TIME pass.  My Dad had also taken my sister and I out for weekly lessons and we put in place all that we were taught.  It was a smooth, simple process and one that I enjoyed very much."

Georgia Metcalfe, Coalville

Georgia Metcalfe passed her Driving Test - 20.10.18 - Loughborough TC - 3 DFs

"I was so pleased to of passed my Driving Test and a huge relilef.  I was luckily enough to have my own car waiting to drive and to have my own independance means so much to me.  Thank you Sam...."

Freddie Chapman, Bagworth

Freddie Chapman passed his Driving Test First Time - 29.09.18- Loughborough TC

"Over a period of months, I scheduled my lessons around my

'A levels' delivering weekly lessons with Smiles Driving.  At first, athough I succeed in Rugby and other practical skills, I did finding learning to drive quite challenging.  However, with perseverance I managed to pass FIRST TIME and with just

4 dfs."

Naomi Fielder, Glenfield

#drivinglessonsglenfield Naomi Fielder passed her Driving Test First Time - 5 DFS - Loughborough TC - 20.09.18

"Passing my Driving Test meant so much to me and to pass it FIRST TIME was a great feeling.  My brother passed first time with Smiles Driving too. Thanks Sam...."

Kate West, Leicester

#drivinglessonsleicester Kate West passed her Driving Test - 7 dfs - 11.09.18 - Wigston Test Centre

"After a course of lessons, that included driving all over Leicester and specifically into Wigston where my test was to be conducted, I was delighted to have passed my Driving Test.  Thanks Sam.."

Henry Wells, Ulverscroft

#drivinglessonsloughborough Henry Wells passed his Driving Test - 3 DFS - 06.09.18 - Loughborough TC

"After driving regularly with my parents, I approached Smiles Driving for some lessons. I only had 5 hours of tuition and passed my Driving Test within a month of the initial contact.  Sam taught me how to correctly use my mirrors and deliver the relevant observations throughout all driving subjects.   She thought the control of the car was of  a high standard, but I needed to complete all the Manoeuvres required for safe driving for life.  One of the lessons delivered took me onto the Motorway which was a fantastic experience.  Thank you so much....."

Jay Broome, Glenfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Jay Broome passed his Driving Test - 05.09.18 - 6DFS - Loughborough TC

"I booked in with Smiles Driving as my brother had passed with them two years previously and many of my friends had used their service.  I passed my test within a 4 month period and now buzzing."

Yasmin Wade, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Yasmin Wade passed her Driving Test - 05.09.18 - 4DFS - Loughborough TC

"Thanks for being a great Instructor Sam and for being so friendly.  Ive been driving loads these last few days and not nervous at all.  Will be driving to London within the next few days and looking forward to taking my car.  Thanks again"

Ria Nath, Loughborough

#drivinglessonsloughborough Ria Nath passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME - 5DFS - 04.09.18- Loughborough TC

"Smiles Driving was recommended to my family from a local friend and I'm glad we made the choice to use their services, as I passed my Driving Test FIRST TIME.  I am so pleased that this has managed to work out for me, just in time for the start of University."

Lewis Wood, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Lewis Wood passed his Driving Test First Time - 3 dfs - 24.08.18 - Loughborough Test Centre

"After 3 months I passed my Driving Test FIRST TIME and I'm absolutely delighted. Thanks Sam..."

Lydia Hill, Markfield

#driving lessons loughborough Lydia Hill passed her Driving Test First Time - 13 DFs - 22.08.18 at Loughborough Test Centre

"Over a 6 month period, I had regular weekly lessons. Most of them 2 hour sessions and managed to pass FIRST TIME.  I was so delighted and now it will open up lots of job opportunities for me."

Sonia Lloyd, Glenfield

#drivinglessonsleicester Sonia Lloyd passed her Driving Test - FIRST TIME - 21.08.18 - 6 DFs - Cannock Street, Leicester

"I initially started to drive with my parents to get used to the roads and controls of the car.  I then booked lessons with Smiles Driving and after 18 hours of tuition I passed


Isobel Flude, Glenfield

Isobel Flude passed her Driving Test First Time - 20.08.18 - 1 DF at Loughborough Test Centre

"I contacted Sam at Smiles Driving as I knew a few people in the village that had passed with her.  With 25 hours of tuition, I was delighted to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME.  I would be happy to recommend anyone to take lessons with Smiles Driving."

Magdalena Lew, Whitwick

#drivinglessonsloughborough Magdalena Lew passed her Driving Test at Loughborough Test Centre - 10 Dfs - 27.07.18

"It was such a relief to pass my Driving Test and especially in time for me to go to University.  Sam was my 2nd Instructor, as I wasn't too happy with my first choice, so I swapped after a handful of lessons.  I think this was the right decision, as I got the result I wanted."

Luke Gorton, London

#drivinglessonsloughborough Luke Gorton passed his Driving Test - First Time - 2 DF's at Loughborough Test Centre - 23.07.18

"I needed to gain my UK Driving Licence, as moving from New Zealand to the UK and having family committments I thought it was one of the tick boxes I needed to achieve.  Therefore, I booked an Intensive Course with Sam at Smiles Driving over two days and really pleased to have passed the test

FIRST TIME. Thanks Sam....." 

Katy Stirzaker, Bagworth

#drivinglessonsloughborough Katy Stirzaker passed her Driving Test - 01.06.18 - 3 DFs - Loughborough TC

"After having weekly lessons over the last 6 months, I managed to pass my Driving Test with just 3 Driver Faults.  I am so pleased, as I have been lucky enough to have been bought my own car.   This means I can drive indepentantly to college, to look after my horse and see my freinds whenever I choose.  Its been an interesting phase of my life and one I've enjoyed."

Dominic Phillips, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Dominic Phillips passed his Driving Test - 10 DFS - 29.05.18 - Loughborough TC

"It had been two years since my last driving lesson and I thought it was a good time to take it up again.  I had previously been in a collision when someone else was driving and it made me extrelely nervous to learn to drive.

I booked a two day intensive course of lessons with Sam from

Smiles Driving, with the intention of taking my test on the third day.  Unfortunely, the DVSA cancelled the test due to lack of examiners within the Centre and it was re-scheduled a week later!  Thank goodness I passed and I am absolutley delighted - thanks Sam...."

Ed Jones, Markfield

Ed Jones passed his Driving Test - 4 DFS - Loughborough TC - 17.05.18

"It took me slightly longer than expected to pass my Driving Test, but college work and the Theory Test held me back slightly.  However, I managed to pass with just 4 DFS and now I can focus on my plans at University. Thanks Sam..."

Liam Truman, Whitwick

Liam Truman passed his Driving Test - Loughborough TC - 26.04.18 - 2 DFs

"I was so excited to learn to drive, as I had waited till I was 18 and saved a bit of money to pay for the lessons myself.  I  passed the Theory before taking my lessons, so I was fully prepared.  My friend and his sister had passed with Sam at Smiles Driving, so I felt it was a good choice to take.  I had a lesson once a week and managed to pass my test FIRST TIME in a 3 month period."

Keiran Lee-Ridgway, Coalville

Keiran Lee-Ridgway passed his Driving Test - 24.04.18 - Loughborough TC - 10 DFs.

"I'd taken a handful of lessons previously, but unfortunately really didn't feel comfortable with my instructor.  I was extremely nervous learning to drive and so decided to stop my lessons.  After a years break, I decided to re-consider learning to drive and spent a bit of time researching which instructor to use.  I had seen some good reviews on Google and on Facebook Forums about Smiles Driving, so I made contact with Sam.  We chatted about my previous experience and then booked a trial lesson.  I then booked a schedule of weekly lessons and after the 2nd lesson, she advised to book my test and I passed FIRST TIME within a two month period and 14 hours of tuition."

Jordan Hooley, Coalville

#drivinglessonsloughborough Jordan Hooley passed his Driving Test - 23.04.18 - Loughborough Test Centre - 7 dfs

"I was pleased to pass my Driving Test and it was such a relief.  I was very nervous and the test had been delayed due to the snow.  My sister had passed her test with Smiles Driving and received an excellent service.  Thanks Sam...."

Luke Taylor, Glenfield

Luke Taylor passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME - 18.04.18 - 7 DFS. Loughborough Test Centre

"I knew quite a few people that had passed their tests with Sam from Smiles Driving within my village.  Therefore, it felt an obvious choice of Instructor.  I was so pleased to pass FIRST TIME and had bought myself a car to be able to drive myself to college."

John Hellon, Leicester

#drivinglessonsloughborough John Hellon passed his Driving Test on the 10.04.18 - Loughborough Test Centre with 6DFs

"After a few months I managed to pass my Driving Test and now can focus on my A levels and future career.  My sister passed with Sam and being a friend of the family it was an obvious choice for me.  I would be happy to recommend Smiles Driving to anyone wanting lessons..."

Ross Milankov, Groby

Ross Milankov passed his Driving Test - 16.02.18 - 9 DFs - Loughborough Test Centre

"I was delighted to pass my Driving Test, as it's something I've been putting off for years.  Sam helped me to stay calm throughout my lessons and to keep a steady pace.  I had a tendancy to rush my driving, due to nerves, but I managed to overcome this situation during the course of lessons.  I now have the freedom I wanted and able to drive to work...."

Emily Rutherford, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Emily Rutherford passed her Driving Test - 11 DFS First Time at Loughborough Test Centre - 15.02.18

"After weekly lessons over a 5 month period, I managed to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME and I am so pleased.  I'm so excited for my 18th Birthday, as my parents  told me I'll be getting a car, to which I am totally grateful."

Natalie Tomlinson, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Natalie Tomlinson passed her Driving Test (First Time) 08.02.18 - 8 DFS - Loughborough Test Centre

"Wow....can't believe after 19 years off putting it off, I eventually passed my Driving Test FIRST TIME.  I took my Theory Test, then Sam from Smiles Driving decided to book my practical test with immediate effect.  I had a couple of lessons with Sam prior to this decision, but as she knew I was so eager to pass and very disciplined in my lessons, she said it would be feasible to achieve my goal.  I passed my test after 21.5 hours of tuition over a 2 month period - Thanks Sam this means so much to me and my family.."

Hannah Berry, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Hannah Berry passed her Driving Test with 10 DFs - 31.01.18 - Loughborough Test Centre

"Passing my Driving Test  means I can now have the independance I desired and able to drive myself to work daily.  I didn't find learning to drive easy, but with perserverance I managed to pass my test. Thanks Sam...."

Megan Ames, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Megan Ames passed her Driving Test - 29.01.18 - 4 DFs - Loughborough Test Centre

"I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be on the test day.  I had convinced myself that I could pass my Driving Test, as Sam had given me lots more confidence in my ability.  Going to test with my sister/my best friend was a great feeling and to pass our tests together will be a day I will always remember....thanks Sam."

Ellen Ames, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Ellen Ames passed her Driving Test - 3 DFs - 29.01.18 - Loughborough Test Centre

"I was so excited when taking my Driving Test.  Going with my sister to do our tests together was a big challenge, but one that we supported each other with. I took my test first, while my sister Megan sat waiting to do hers straight after.  I decided not to see her inbetween the tests and let her know my result.   This way she had no more added pressure. A brilliant result for both of us and now we can drive to the Gym, College and use our new cars that have been waiting on the Drive for this day."

Morgan Spencer, Markfield

Morgan Spencer passed his Driving Test First Time - 7 DFs - 19.01.18 - Loughborough Test Centre

"My mates had lessons with Sam at Smiles Driving, so I thought Id try lessons with her.  I managed to pass my test FIRST TIME."

Natalie Satchwell, Coalville

#drivinglessonsloughborough Natalie Satchwell passed her Driving Test - 03.01.18 FIRST TIME - 1 DF - Loughborough Test Centre

"Such a great start for the year for me, passing my Driving Test with a  FIRST TIME attempt. I was always quite nervous when it came to my driving lessons, but Sam tried her best to put me at ease. I now look forward to being able to drive myself to work and have the independance I desired."

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