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COVID-19 Risk Assessment/ Method Statement and Terms & Conditions

Under these difficult times, safety measures need to be put in place for the individual learners and relevant driving instructors whilst 'in car'.  This also will expand to include both parties families (individuals COVID-19 'bubble') and relevant examiner on test day.  Smiles Driving School has produced tailored documentation, that will be adhered over the forthcoming period.


Smiles Driving School, together with all individuals that use their services needs to acknowledge the relevant 'hazards'.  The hazard on this occasion is the virus and what's more difficult, is that it's invisable!  So therefore, the 'Risk' is the possibility of contracting or spreading the virus.


The Lesson;


1) On the morning of the day of lessons, the Instructor from Smiles Driving School MUST assess their own personal health and general well being, making sure they've NOT been in contact with any individual with suspected COVID-19 symptons or anyone that has contracted the virus over the previous 14 day period.  Making sure they, themselves do not have any of the COVID-19 symptons (sore throat, temperature, continual cough, lack of taste or smells.)  If clear, then the instructor can continue with that days lessons. 


2) On the morning of the lesson, the pupil is to assess their own well being and decide if they are 'fit' and healthy for the  lesson. If having any of the symptons of COVID-19, including a temperature, sore throat, constant cough, lack of taste or smells or feel that they may of been in contact with anyone that have these symptons or a confirmed case, then they MUST cancel the lesson with immediate effect.  (making contact with Smiles Driving at the EARLIST POSSIBLE TIME that day.)  If the decision is to cancel the lesson, then the lesson will be cancelled and no fee will be charged. This policy will start on the 4th July and re-assessed monthly.  If the lesson is terminated, then the following weeks lesson will automatically be cancelled too, to make absolutely sure that the virus has not been contracted.  To be 100% COVID-19 safe to all concerned.  The pupil is to keep in contact with the Instructor at Smiles Driving by phone/email with daily updates for the consideration and health of all concerned. 

          IMPORTANT:  If the lesson is cancelled for no reason related to the COVID-19              virus, then the standard cancellation terms apply and lesson will be charged.              (see standard terms.)


3)  The driving lesson vehicle provided by Smiles Driving MUST be sanitised prior to the lesson, inbetween lessons and at the end of the working day.  This is the Instructors responsibility.  This includes,  spraying all internal doors, handles, steering wheels, gear stick, window buttons and general internal fixtures.  Hand sanitiser provided at all times and both parties MUST use it prior to the start of the lesson. (If any skin allergies, then the pupil MUST bring their own hand sanitiser.) Windows will be open during lessons and NOT the use of air conditioning.  Appropriate dresswear required by both the pupil and instructor, as the windows WILL be open.


4)  It may not be compulsary with the DVSA to wear masks, but it is

SMILES DRIVING SCHOOL's policy to wear masks. IT IS A MUST.  At least until the pandemic has reduced rapidly or disappeared.  Again, this will be assessed monthly. Failure to wear a mask will result in the lesson cancelled and charged.  Wearing masks can be very hot and claustraphobic.  Therefore, 5 minute stops to get out of the car and to take off the mask may be required.  Masks MUST be worn BEFORE entering the vehicle and taken off once leaving the vehicle.  The instructor from Smiles Driving School will wear masks throughout the day, when changing the masks, the instructor  MUST  dispose of the mask correctly and not leave exposed within the vehicle.  PUPIL MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN MASK.Washing hands for 20 seconds thoroughly before and after each lesson is required wherever possible for both parties.


5)  Stationery should not be shared in the car, such as paper work, books or pens.  The pupils should bring minimal personal belongings to the lesson and items such as keys, mobile phones should be put in a small bag, to minimise infection.  The  Provisional Licence needs to be viewed, but not touched by the Instructor at the start of the lesson.   Should the Instructor have to take physical intervention by touching the controls, then the pupil will need to park up at the earliest point and both individuals in the car will need to hand sanitse to follow through government advice, as with regards to contracting the virus through touch.


6)  Only 2 people will be allowed in the car, at any one time.  Therefore, no parents in the car or Instructor in the back of the car on test.  The only exception could be if an additional examiner is to sit in the back to conduct a DVSA audit on test.


7)  On completion of the lesson, the pupil is advised to wash hands and to shower/change clothes if feasiby possible.  The Instructor at Smiles Driving School at the end of the working day should remove all clothes and shower before becoming into contact with other members of their house hold.


8) Smiles Driving School will not be held responsible for the health of the pupil or Instructor during the lessons, whilst following government guidlines and meeting all the above listed requirements.

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