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smiles driving'A journey to success'

Making the right decision for your Son/Daughter

Booking lessons on behalf of your son/daughter can be a challenging task.  You need reassurance that you are making the correct decision and sourcing the very best instructor to accommodate your child's needs.  It can be an exspensive process and it is imperative that you are confident you receive a good return on your investment. As a parent myself, I welcome and expect a series of questions to be asked.  These often include;




  1) How many lessons will my child need?

  2) What car do you use to teach?

  3) How often are you monitored?

  4) Do I need to book all the lessons in one payment?

  5) Are you CRB checked (now known as DBS)?

  6) Do you cater for nervous/shy pupils?

  7) What qualifications/experience do you hold?

  8) Which organisation provided your teacher training?

  9) Do you cover my local area?

10) How do you monitor my childs progress - do you let parents know of the progress?

11) Do you provide your car for the test date?

12) What Insurances do you have in place?

13) Do you offer early morning lessons (i.e before work or college times)?




The amount of lessons your child requires, purely depends on how quickly they incorporate each lesson subject.  Some pupils find the manoeuvres particularly difficult, then others pick it up like 'a duck to water'.  As an average across the UK,  it can take up to 60 hours of practice.  Many parents do let their child practice with them, which speeds up the process slightly.  Therefore, around  35-45 hours is the average amount of hours required from the Instructor.  Parents will often say 'how many!!  I only had ........lessons when I took my test.'  If you think about it logically, 20+ years ago, the roads were very different. There were not as many cars/traffic on the road, or as many incidents.  Think about the time you did a '3 point turn', which is now known as a 'turn in the road'.   Did you have traffic coming towards you when you were learning this manoeuvre or were the roads clear?  We, as driving instructors do try and pick quiet/clear roads to carry out the manoeuvres, but it is not always feasible.  Therefore, your child will have more to think about and more to focus on than what you did all those years ago.  The priority is to keep your child safe!


The car used for the lessons is a:-  Citoren 1.2L  Nav Flair (2019)


I receive regular Standard Check Tests from the DSA (Driving Standards Agency)

(Last Standards Check test - September 2019)


Lessons can be purchased in one payment, with an attractive discount or on a 'pay as you go' system.


I received my Instructor training through the AA driving School.  


The last CRB check was July 2013.


Many of my pupils are nervous or shy and I think it is essentail that they are 'put at ease' quite early on during the lesson plan and induction process.  It is a big issue for a teenager to sit with a stranger on a '1-2-1' and can be quite scary.


I am a fully qualified ADI, holding a GREEN LICENCE. (Be very careful, many schools let instructors teach on a 'PINK' licence, which means they have not taken the Part 3 test and are NOT fully qualified.


I cover a range of areas, which include: Loughborough, Coalville, Hinckley and Leicester


I provide pupil progress cards for each and everyone of my pupils.  They are welcome to take these home and bring them to each lesson, or leave with me ready for the next lesson.  I also welcome parents ringing/emailing me for a report of their child's progress.


I provide my car for the test, but you do have to book a 2 hour lesson.  Standard rates apply.


I have insurance through 'Instructor Cover Plus' driving school insurance and the insurer is: Allianz Insurance PLC



I am prepared to deliver early morning lessons, at the standard rate.  However, if you want to book a block of early morning lessons, then I suggest you ring to discuss a suitable package option.








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