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smiles driving'A journey to success'

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2019 - Test Passes

Duncan Eames, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Duncan Eames passed his Driving Test - 8dfs - Loughborough TC - 20.12.19

"It was lovely to be able to pass my Driving Test in time for Christmas and within a two month period of taking lessons. Now I can concentrate on my 'A levels' and drive myself to college." 

Lizzie Tuff, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Lizzie Tuff passed FIRST TIME - 5dfs - Loughborough TC - 04.12.19

"I was dreading my test day and tried not to think about it.  However, I knew I had to address it and try to stay calm.  I passed FIRST TIME and am so thankful to Sam at Smiles Driving.  She made me feel so at ease and will truly miss my lessons.."

Elliot West, Groby

Elliot West passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME - 4dfs- Loughborough TC - 02.12.19

"I was determind to pass my Driving Test and although I stalled through some of the lessons in the early stages, after delivering some Mock Tests I managed to pass FIRST TIME.  I only completed 22 hours of tuition and so pleased to of passed in such a short timescale."

Poppy Lewis, Rothley

#drivinglessonsloughborough Poppy Lewis passed her Driving Test - 3dfs - 25.11.19 - Loughborough TC

"I looked forward to my Saturday driving lessons and was so happy to pass my test before I gave birth.  I had about 1 inch left before I touched the steering wheel and I was adamant that I was going to pass!  Thanks Sam..."

Erin Foster, Glenfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Erin Foster passed her Driving Test - 3 dfs - Loughborough TC - 14.11.19

"After a course of weekly lessons around college in the evenings and weekends, I managed to pass my test with Sam at Smiles Driving.  It was such a relief, as I was so nervous and I chatted to the examiner constantly around the route delivered on the day.  It can be very uncomfortable on the test day and my advice is to talk through everything you're doing and it will fly by!"

Rob Nicol, Loughborough 

#drivinglessonsloughborough Robert Nicol passed his Driving Test at Loughborough TC - 6 dfs - 07.11.19

“I was new to the area after moving from Macclesfield and needed an Instructor that could improve on my driving skills, which mainly consisted of perfecting my Manoeuvres and anticipation and planning. Sam at Smiles Driving helped in these areas and I was delighted to pass my test within 2 weeks of moving to Loughborough.”

Jade Pilgrim, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Jade Pilgrim passed her Driving Test First Time - 8dfs - 31.10.19 - Loughborough TC

"I was determind to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME, as my cousin had and others I knew.  Therefore, I wanted to make sure I was 100% certain and ready to take it.  I originally booked it middle of October but as I approached the test, I felt I needed just a few more lessons.  Therefore, I moved it back to the end of October and chuffed to bits to pass.  I highly recommend Smiles Driving to any of my friends or family.."

James Wheat, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough James Wheat passed his Driving Test First Time - 7dfs - 31.10.19 - Loughborough TC

"I was so pleased to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME.  I started with one hour lessons, then nearer to my test my Instructor advised to complete two hour Mock Tests, which I found incredibly useful.  My friends had passed with Smiles Driving and it seemed like an obvious choice to book lessons with their Instructor.  Thank you ....."

Ethan Chandler, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Ethan Chandler passed his Driving Test - First Time - 10 dfs - 30.10.19 - Loughborough TC

"I booked lessons with Smiles Driving as my sister passed First Time 3 years previously.  I was delighted to follow in her footsteps and pass FIRST TIME too.  I had only taken 18 hours of tuition and was delighted with the result!"

Franco Webster, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Franco Webster passed his Driving Test - 08.10.19 - 7dfs - Loughborough TC

"I had taken lessons with Smiles Driving as a few of my mates had done so and I wanted to pass quite quickly to enable me to drive to work each day. I managed to pass in a short space of time, with completing lessons in the evenings and weekends.  Thanks Sam..."

Millie Dodds, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Millie Dodds passed her Driving Test First Time - 12 dfs - 23.09.19 - Loughborough TC

"After completing weekly Saturday lessons, I managed to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME and I can't explain how delighted I was to achieve my goal!  Thank you......"

James Bagworth, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough James Bagworth passed his Driving Test - 9dfs - FIRST TIME - Loughborough - 18.09.19

"Nothing much more I can say other than THANK YOU SO MUCH, it's been an enjoyable experience and I love being able to drive.  I'm looking forward to our Motorway Lesson in a couple of weeks too.  Passing FIRST TIME means everything to me."

Hannah Parish, Ratby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Hannah Parish passed her Driving Test - 5dfs - 16.09.19 - Loughborough TC

"After exactly a 9 month period I passed my Driving Test and was so relieved.  It was my 2nd attempt, but I did actually tell Sam from Smiles Driving,  on the way back home on the day that Im glad it took me a couple of goes, as I needed to be safe on the roads.  I knew it wouldn't be really easy for me, but with patience all round, I achieved the result I wanted.  Thank you...."

Jade Phipps, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Jade Phipps passed her Driving Test - 7dfs - 13.09.19 - Loughborough TC

"I knew it would be tight timewise to pass my driving test before I started University and most of my friends had already passed their Test.  However, I took the plunge and scheduled lessons in around my free periods at college and I managed to achieve my goal! I was on cloud 9 all day...."

Ashleigh Statham, Bagworth

#drivinglessonsloughborough Ashleigh Statham passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME - 4dfs- Loughborough TC - 09.09.19

"After finishing University and looking for a job in the short-term, I thought it was about time I learnt to drive and achieve my License.  I booked a course of lessons with Sam at Smiles Driving and after 24 hours of tuition I passed FIRST TIME."

Grace Fleming, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughbough Grace Fleming passed her Driving Test First Time - 5dfs - Loughborough TC - 04.09.19

“I was so excited to drive my new car and to pass my test FIRST TIME was a great feeling.  I felt quite confident on my test day, as very eager to gain the result I had worked so hard to achieve. I’m more than happy to recommend Smiles Driving..”

Emily Marlow, Markfield 

#drivinglessonsloughborough Emily Marlow passed her Driving Test -16.08.19 - 8dfs - Loughborough TC

“I contacted Smiles Driving after already taking a few lessons and wanted to switch instructors due to new lesson times required. I struggled moving off and was Stalling periodically. This was something that Sam at Smiles Driving addressed immediately and managed to help me eliminate this fault. I struggled with roundabouts and needed to work on a couple of the Manoeuvre’s. Thanks Sam for all your help...”

Sofia Coope, Loughborough

#drivinglessonsloughborough Sofia Coope passed her Driving Test - 09.08.19 - Loughborough TC - 6dfs

"It's a great feeling passing my Driving Test and now in time, I hope to take my HGV license to be able to drive my horses to different events.  What a super experience it has been learning to drive and thanks Sam for all your help..."

Natalie Downes, Barrow Upon Soar

#drivinglessonsloughborough Natalie Downes passed her Driving Test - 07.08.19 - Loughborough TC- 12 df's

"I took a Driving Test 3 years ago in a different town. When I moved to a new location and started a new job, I decided it was time to think about re-taking this test and booking some lessons.  Although I felt I could drive, taking the Driving Test gave me such anxiety that I didn't feel I could achieve my dream. However, I booked a course of lessons with Smiles Driving and I worked so hard, determind to suceed.  I completed many Mock Tests and took my note pad out to each lesson.  Thank you so much......"

Nicole Spiring, Coalville

#drivinglessonsloughborough Nicole Spiring passed her Driving Test - 06.08.19 - Loughborough TC - 14 df's

"I found learning to drive extremely hard and I knew it wasn't going to be easy for me.  However, it was something that I wanted to achieve and I knew I needed to see the process through.  I passed on my 3rd attempt after on and off lessons over a period of 20 months.  When I passed I was in disbelief, but I'm very pleased with myself.  Thank you Sam... for believing in me."

Tom Huddlestone, Markfield

Tom Huddlestone passed his Driving Test with 5df's - Loughborough TC - 24.07.19

" I booked Smiles Driving as my brother passed with this Driving School, so it seemed an obvious choice.  I passed with 5 minors and now I have the freedom to drive to the different places I wanted to visit."

Dylan Moore, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Dylan Moore passed his Driving Test - First Time - 5 DFs - Loughborough TC - 17.07.19

"I was slightly still in shock when the examiner said I had passed my test, the adrenaline was still rushing through my body.  Sam at Smiles Driving said she had every confidence that I'd pass, but you can never be 100% sure.  A FIRST TIME pass and with only 22 hours of tuition was apparently a great achievement.  So I was grateful to receive the compliment."

James Riding, Thurcaston

#drivinglessonsloughborough James Riding passed his Driving Test First Time - 6dfs - 10.07.19 - Loughborough TC

"Following my brothers footsteps I decided to choose Smiles Driving for my lessons.  I passed FIRST TIME and delighted to be able to have the independance I wanted.  I now can drive our shared car to College and to other places I wanted to go."

Evie Wood, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Evie Wood passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME - 2 dfs - 27.06.19 - Loughborough TC

"I was so pleased to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME in just a 3 month timeframe.  My cousin had passed first time with minimal lessons and so I felt it was the obvious choice for me to choose Smiles Driving. Thank you."

Matthew Best, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Matthew Best passed his Driving Test First TIME with 5dfs- Loughborough TC - 06.06.19

"To pass my Driving Test was amazing and to pass FIRST TIME meant everything to me.  I was very apprehensive about the whole process, but Im so pleased I chose Sam from Smiles Driving, as she totally put me at ease.  Highly recommend the Services of Smiles Driving.....thanks"

Amy Harlow, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Amy Harlow passed her Driving Test - 1 df - Loughborough TC 31.05.19

"I was so pleased to of passed my Driving Test and especially with only 1 driver fault.  I now can concentrate on my studies and with the possibility of driveing to school and back."

Rutik Shah, Glenfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Rutik Shah passed his Driving Test - 10.05.19 - 10 dfs - Loughborough TC

"I took a course of lessons with Smiles Driving over a couple of months and really pleased to pass before my exams started.  I had postponed my lessons when I turned 17, as my main focus were my A levels. Thank you so much for your service....."

Toby Mason, Glenfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Toby Mason passed his Driving Test - 07.05.19 - 9 dfs - Loughborough TC

"I decided to book lessons with Sam from Smiles Driving as I knew her from when I was younger.  I had a course of weekly lessons and completed Mock Tests nearer to my Practical Test.  It was such a relief to pass my test in time for starting University."

Ethan Tailby, Ratby

Ethan Tailby passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME with 7 dfs - Loughborough TC - 28.03.19

"Passed my test FIRST TIME with just 19 hours of tuition.  Alongside the lessons, I regularly watched Youtube driving videos and referred to the Highway Code for additional advice.  I am so pleased to now be able to drive to college across Leicestershire and to work in the City of Leicester."

Alex Haggis, Markfield

#drivinglessonsinloughborough Alex Haggis passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME - 3 DFs - Loughborough TC - 22.03.19

"Moving up from Cornwall and living with my Grandparents was a new adventure for me.  To make new friends and to further my career, I felt I needed to learn to drive and pass my Driving Test.  I contacted Smiles Driving and together we arranged a course of lessons.  I managed to pass my test FIRST TIME and within a two month timeframe."

Alex Kidd, Ratby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Alex Kidd passed his Driving Test - 5 dfs - Loughborough TC - 11.03.19

"I was so relieved to of passed my Driving Test.  Although it wasn't my first attempt it was still a lovely feeling.  I knew I could do it and Sam from Smiles Driving had every faith in me.  With lots of Mock Tests and regular lessons I achieved the result I wanted."

Jessica King, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Jessica King passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME - 4dfs - 26.02.19 - Loughborough TC

"I was delighted to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME and feel satisfied to achieve this before going to University. Happy to recommend Smiles Driving....."

Joe Bolingbroke, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Joe Bolingbroke passed his Driving Test - 20.02.19 - 9dfs- Loughborough TC

"A great feeling to pass my Driving Test and a huge relief. Thanks Sam..."

Emily Birr, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Alice Birr passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME with 6 DF's - 13.02.19 - Loughborough TC

"Passing my Driving Test meant everything to me and passing FIRST TIME was an amazing feeling!

After a four month period of weekly lessons and three Mock tests in Loughborough, I just couldn't believe I did it!

Kyle Melhuish, Glenfield

Kyle Melhuish passed his Driving Test with 6 DFs - Loughborough TC - 04.02.19

"I had put off driving for many years.  After having a family of my own and the desire to take the kids to various places, I thought it was time to take the plunge and book a course of lessons and take my test.  After a few months I accomplished my goal."

Roseanna Hammond, Glenfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Roseanna Hammond passed her Driving Test at Loughborough Test Centre - 15 Dfs - 16.01.19

"My brother, his friends and a few other people I knew had taken lessons with Smiles Driving, so I decided to book weekly lessons around my college timetable.  I managed to pass my driving test just after my 18th birthday and now have the independance I wanted. Thanks Sam..."

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