smiles driving 'A journey to success'
smiles driving'A journey to success'

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Katie Parker, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Katie Parker passed FIRST TIME with ZERO FAULTS!! - 26.11.21 - Loughborough Test Centre

"I was advised by my instructor that every little bit of information provided to me, was soaked up and implemented into the lessons. I basically made use of every bit of time in the car to my advantage. It paid off, as I was absolutely delighted to pass FIRST TIME."



Alistair Clarke, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Alistair Clarke passed FIRST TIME with 3dfs - 26.11.21 - Loughborough TC

"I was so pleased to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME, I had taken lessons for quite a few months and delivered many Mock Tests. I definitely felt ready to take my test and confident to achieve my goal. Thank you.."



Ruby Lawrance, Quorn

Ruby Lawrence passed her Driving Test with 3dfs - 17.11.21 - Loughborough Test Centre

"I enjoyed my Driving Lessons, but did find it a little stressful during my


A levels and other commitments. I took a couple of tests to gain my licence, but feel a much better driver for doing so. The extra practice helped enormously. "



Naomi Patchett, Copt Oak

#drivinglessonsloughborough Naomi Patchett passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME - 27.10.21 - 3dfs - Loughborough TC

"Living on the outskirts and attending Loughborough University, felt like a MUST to gain my Driving Licence.  I initially wanted an intensive course, or at least multiple lessons together over a few weeks.  So between the 24th June and 27th October I managed to gain roughly 30 hours and passed FIRST TIME.  I was delighted with the result."

Jessica Read, Ratby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Jessica Read passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME - 08.10.21 - Loughborough TC

"Over a 5 month period, I had weekly lessons. Near to my test I had many 1.5 hour lessons and delivered Mock Tests with Smiles Driving to help me realise the criteria of the Practical Test and how I had to strive to reach the standard required.  I was delighted to pass FIRST TIME and so thankful to be able to have my independance."

Gabrielle Vaughan, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Gabrielle Vaughan passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME - 5dfs - 7.10.21 - Loughborough TC

"I couldn't believe it when I passed. I'd had a few lessons, then stopped for the Summer months as I had a full time job in the holidays.  I then rekindled the lessons and passed FIRST TIME with just 20 hours of tuition.  My sister had passed first time with Smiles Driving, so we booked in early to guarantee a place."

Dominique Holmes, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Dominique Holmes passed her Driving Test with 3 dfs FIRST TIME - 05.10.21 at Loughborough Test Centre

"I had left driving a little bit  later than some of my friends, but I knew I needed to be in the right mindset for learning to take place and achieve my goal.  I had weekly lessons and towards the date of my test I started to deliver Mock Tests.  I am proud to say I passed FIRST TIME with just 3 driver faults."

Edward Small, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Edward Small passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME with 8dfs at Loughborough Test Centre - 20.09.21

"I was so pleased to pass my Driving Test and especially FIRST TIME, as my parents had bought me a car and I couldn't wait to get out and about on my own.  Being able to travel to college across Leicestershire, seeing my friends and providing me with independance was really important to me."

Laura Good, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Laura Good passed her Driving Test First Time - 13.08.21 - Loughborough Test Centre - 8dfs.

"I had tried a couple of times over a 10 year period to learn to drive, but nerves got the better of me each time.  This felt like the last time I would have the confidence to try.  Together with my instructor, we seemed to be able to connect and work as a team to achieve my goal.  Wow....I passed FIRST TIME and my dream came true!"

Mia Williams, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Mia Williams passed her Driving Test First Time - 14dfs - Loughborough Test Centre - 12.08.21

"I was astonished that I passed my Driving Test and  it was FIRST TIME.  I had made quite a few errors during the test, especially within the first couple of minutes, but it didn't effect anyone.   I was so nervous, but I tried my hardest to think about all what I had been taught on my lessons.   It was essential for me to stay calm.  I was so delighted to pass and thankful to my instructor to put a plan in place and let me deliver some intensive lessons near to my test.   I was able to pass before I started University. What a relief!!"

Mollie Pye, Glenfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Mollie Pye passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME - 3 dfs - 30.07.21 - Loughborough Test Centre

"I could of easily given up during the COVID pandemic as I had Theory Tests cancelled and four practical tests moved over an 18 month period.  However, I needed to pass my test and owed it to myself and my mum who had taken me out most days to drive in her car. After just 14.5 hours of tuition that was spread out over such a long period, I managed to pass my Driving Test first time.  Thank goodness and thank you to Sam at Smiles Driving School."

Benjamin Letts, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Benjamin Letts passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME, 2 dfs - Loughborough Test Centre

"I was absolutely determind to pass my Driving Test.  I had left it a few years to start to learn to drive, as I needed to be in the right mindset to fully commit to the process.  I had 17 hours of lessons spread out over a period of time.  I was advised I had good awareness and planning by my instructor, but we both knew I had to get rid of the stalling which occured occasionally.  A bit of tweaking over the last few lessons and I was fine. Achieving the first time pass I felt I deserved."

Sadie Moore, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Sadie Moore passed her Driving Test - Loughborough Test Centre - 20.07.21 - 2dfs

"After completing my A levels, I had made a consertive decision to apply for an apprenticeship postiion and knew having my driving licence would be an important factor in gaining a new career.  I had been learning to drive over a short period of time.  I had booked my Driving Test for August, but I managed to find a cancellation test a month earlier.  Together, with my Instructor we agreed a plan to get me test ready, by completing a few Mock Tests and tweaking a few subjects to get me totally prepared.  I was so pleased to pass first time."

Sophie Kwok, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Sophie Kwok passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME with 6dfs - Loughborough Test Centre - 16.07.21

"It was a relief to pass my Driving Test and first time, as I had a few tests moved during the pandemic and it seemed like I would never get the opportunity to take it.  I had 28 hours of tuition over a 14 month period, spread out as each test was moved.  I kept in touch with Smiles Driving throughout and together we agreed a plan.  So thankful it worked out for me. Thank you."

Freya Talbot, Groby

#drivinglessonsleicester Freya Talbot passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME with 2 dfs - 12.07.21 - Cannock Street Test Centre

"I was so pleased to pass my Driving Test first time, especially quite early on in the school holidays.  It will certainly help me secure a job in the future.  I only had 10 hours of tuition, but practiced most days around my lessons with my parents in my own car."

Megan Hewitt, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Megan Hewitt passed her Driving Test - Loughborough TC - 8dfs - 22.06.21

"I gained a great rapport with Sam at Smiles Driving over a period of a year through the whole COVID-19 pandemic.  I had my tests moved a few times, but the wait was really worthwhile.  I was so excited to pass my Driving Test and drive my new car."

Lewis Winkless, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Lewis Winkless passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME - 0dfs - Loughborough TC - 16.06.21

"I managed to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME with a clean sheet!!!  - 

I enjoyed the whole process and just listened carefully to each instruction and simply followed through. "

Alex Walker, Bagworth

#drivinglessonsloughborough Alex Walker from Bagworth passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME - 5dfs - Loughborough TC - 14.06.21

"I think my experience of learning to drive was slightly different due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  I went out in my own car with my parents regularly and had sporadic lessons with Smiles Driving over a 3-4 month period.  I had 11.5 hours of tuition and passed FIRST TIME!"

Sophie Mackness, Ratby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Sophie Mackness passed her Driving Test - 09.06.21- Loughborough TC

"I really enjoyed my lessons and will miss them.  However, passing my Driving Test was a great feeling and one I won't ever forget.  I managed to pass in time for University and look forward to driving my new car independantly. Thanks Sam"

Raif Huntley, Markfield

#drivinglesssonsloughborough Raif Huntley passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME - 4dfs - Loughborough TC - 07.06.21

"I managed to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME with just 21 hours of tuition.  There was a 3 month gap half way through my lessons due to the lockdown, but I was determind to continue from where I left off and pass.  A couple of Mock Tests commenced made me realise I needed to raise my standards, to which I did and continued to achieve my goal."

Leo Bravin, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Leo Bravin passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME - 8dfs - Loughborough TC - 04.06.21

"After my cousin passed with Smiles Driving, I thought I'd use the same service.  I Had my test moved a few times, which caused a bit of frustration but it was a happy ending as I passed my test FIRST TIME, which was a great feeling."

Lucy Poyser, Groby

Lucy Poyser passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME with 2dfs - Loughborough TC - 28.05.21

"I was determind to pass my test FIRST TIME and had plenty of lessons to make sure I achieved my goal.  Most of my weekly lessons were 2 hour sessions, but with the COVID-19 delays together Sam and I decided to spread the tuition out by having lessons every other week.  The feeling of passing my test was unbelievable and I couldn't wait to celebrate."

Katie Evans, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Katie Evans passed her Driving Test with 7dfs - Loughborough TC - 14.05.21

"My twin sister and I had a course of intensive lessons in April, with tests at the end of the month.  We both hadn't driven for 18 months and both had a handful of lessons with an alternative instructor.  We both felt we needed a change and Sam at Smiles Driving assisted with this service.  We were both delighted to pass our tests and have the freedom we wanted."

Abbie Berry, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Abbie Berry passed her Driving Test with 3dfs - Loughborough TC - 13.05.21

"My sister had passed with Sam at Smiles Driving and it felt like an obvious choice to follow in her footsteps.  I had my lessons around my work shifts and managed to find a cancellation test during the backlog. I had my own car and went out occasionally with my dad to gain my confidence, especially with periodic breaks during COVID-19. "

Harry King, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Harry King passed his Driving Test - 4dfs - 05.05.21 - Loughborough TC

"After having two Theory Tests and three Practical Tests moved, I was delighted to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME with minimal faults.  I had roughly 30 hours of tuition on and off over a year, with all the lockdown measures in place.  Such a relief to finally get to the end of the process and receive my Licence."

Abbie Kirkup, Ratby

#driving lessonsloughborough Abigail Kirkup passed her Driving Test - 6 dfs - 30.04.21 - Loughborough TC

"I was determind to pass my Driving Test.  I had my own car that I had been driving in daily, 4 months prior to my Driving Test.  I felt so ready and pleased it worked for me.  I passed FIRST TIME with just 6 minors"

Sophie Evans, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Sophie King passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME - 12 dfs - 26.04.21 - Loughborough TC

"I had taken a few lessons a year ago and knew it was time to finish what I set out to achieve.  I booked a course of intensive lessons over a two week period and managed to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME It was not easy and Sam pushed me hard, with regular Mock Tests. " 

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