smiles driving 'A journey to success'
smiles driving'A journey to success'

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Lucy Thornewell, Loughborough 

#drivinglessonsloughborough Lucy Thornewell passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME with 3 dfs, Loughborough TC - 13.05.22

"I live away from home and study in Loughborough. I had a couple of lessons back home, but after leaving driving quite a few months, I thought I better crack on with it and get back behind the wheel.  My mum organised lessons with Sam from Smiles Driving.  I had 20 hours and passed FIRST TIMEThank you..."

George Steel, Thornton

#drivinglessonshinckley George Steel passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME with 5dfs - Hinckley TC - 03.05.22

"After a course of weeky lessons and delivering Mock Tests as I approached the final day, I was very pleased to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME!."

Daisy Sloan, Markfield

#drivinglessonsmarkfield Daisy Sloan passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME 2 dfs - Loughborough Test Centre - 30.04.22

"My brother and some of my friends passed  their test first time with Smiles Driving and i was eager to do the same..  I took on board every little bit of advice/constructive criticism and made sure I stayed completely focussed throughout each lesson.  It paid off and pleased to say I passed FIRST TIME!"

Oscar Allen, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Oscar Allen passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME - Loughborough Test Centre - 5dfs - 28.04.22

"After just 19 hours of tuition I managed to pass FIRST TIME.  Wow, I even surprised myself, but so pleased!!"

Ellie Bown, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Ellie Bown passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME Loughborough Test Centre - 8 dfs - 27.04.22

"Passing FIRST TIME was a great achievement for me, as I didn't take to driving well in the early days.  HOwever, I truly challenged myself and with great perseverance I managed the result I wanted."

Ben Robinson, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Ben Robinson passed his Driving Test - Loughborough Test \centre - 10dfs - 21.03.22

"My partner used Smiles Driving and both her and her sister passed 1st time.  I took regular lessons and managed to pass within a few months."

Eden Phillips, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Eden Phillips passed her Driving Test - Loughborough Test Centre - 6dfs - 03.03.22

"It was such a challenge for me to learn to drive, but Sam from Smiles Driving felt I had the road sense from biking 10 miles a day to work on the roads.  The biggest challenge was purely the control of the vehicle.  I was advised that I had great planning and awareness.  The day came when I passed and now love driving  everywhere."

Yasmin Sheffield, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Yasmine Sheffield passed her Driving Test - Loughborough Test Centre - FIRST TIME -22.02.22 - 1df

"I was determind to pass FIRST TIME as I am a swimmer and train 9 times a week. I would like to drive myself to training sessions and to competitions.  Most of all have the independance I desire.  I was so pleased to achieve my goal!!"

Josie Rutherford, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Josie Rutherford passed her Driving Test - Loughborough Test Centre - 08.02.22 - 3dfs

"I was very nervous to start driving in my 30's but having a young family I knew it was something I needed to do. After weekly lessons and then a months break overseas, I came back and passed my test.  It was such an achievement for me."

Joshua Barrett, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Joshua Barrett passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME - Loughborough Test Centre - 5dfs - 02.02.22

"My brother passed with Sam at Smiles Driving 1st time and it was an obvious choice for me to take lessons with her.  I also was absolutely delighted to pass FIRST TIME too!"

Leah Williams, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Leah Williams passed her Driving Test - 8 dfs - Loughborough Test Centre - 18.01.22

"I returned to Markfield, after completing my Dancing Degree and knew it was time to gain my Driving License. I contacted Smiles Driving as I knew many that had taken lessons and passed in the village. My mum had also under taken a refresher course with Smiles Driving and felt it was the correct Driving School for me. I had around 35 hours of tuition from August 2021 and delighted to pass FIRST TIME in the following January. I certainly think the fact I was paying for the lessons myself made me even more determind to pass. Thank you.."



Louis Instrell, Markfield

#drivinglessonsmarkfield Louis Instrell passed his Driving Test with 10dfs - Loughborough Test Centre - 15.01.22

"Passing my Driving Test will now enable me to look for a career once finishing my college course. I completed weekly 1.5 hour lessons and delivered many Mock Test in Loughborough. I felt quite confident by the time my test was taken and pleased to pass."



Connor Lane, Groby

#drivinglessonsgroby Connor Lane passed his Driving Test at Loughborough Test Centre - 11.01.22 - 4dfs

"A great feeling to pass my Driving Test and pleased to have my independance. Thank you"



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