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2019 - Test Passes

James Bagworth, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough James Bagworth passed his Driving Test - 9dfs - FIRST TIME - Loughborough - 18.09.19

"Nothing much more I can say other than THANK YOU SO MUCH, it's been an enjoyable experience and I love being able to drive.  I'm looking forward to our Motorway Lesson in a couple of weeks too.  Passing FIRST TIME means everything to me."

Hannah Parish, Ratby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Hannah Parish passed her Driving Test - 5dfs - 16.09.19 - Loughborough TC

"After exactly a 9 month period I passed my Driving Test and was so relieved.  It was my 2nd attempt, but I did actually tell Sam from Smiles Driving,  on the way back home on the day that Im glad it took me a couple of goes, as I needed to be safe on the roads.  I knew it wouldn't be really easy for me, but with patience all round, I achieved the result I wanted.  Thank you...."

Jade Phipps, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Jade Phipps passed her Driving Test - 7dfs - 13.09.19 - Loughborough TC

"I knew it would be tight timewise to pass my driving test before I started University and most of my friends had already passed their Test.  However, I took the plunge and scheduled lessons in around my free periods at college and I managed to achieve my goal! I was on cloud 9 all day...."

Ashleigh Statham, Bagworth

#drivinglessonsloughborough Ashleigh Statham passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME - 4dfs- Loughborough TC - 09.09.19

"After finishing University and looking for a job in the short-term, I thought it was about time I learnt to drive and achieve my License.  I booked a course of lessons with Sam at Smiles Driving and after 24 hours of tuition I passed FIRST TIME."

Grace Fleming, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughbough Grace Fleming passed her Driving Test First Time - 5dfs - Loughborough TC - 04.09.19

“I was so excited to drive my new car and to pass my test First Time was a great feeling.  I felt quite confident on my test day, as very eager to gain the result I had worked so hard to achieve. I’m more than happy to recommend Smiles Driving..”

Emily Marlow, Markfield 

#drivinglessonsloughborough Emily Marlow passed her Driving Test -16.08.19 - 8dfs - Loughborough TC

“I contacted Smiles Driving after already taking a few lessons and wanted to switch instructors due to new lesson times required. I struggled moving off and was Stalling periodically. This was something that Sam at Smiles Driving addressed immediately and managed to help me eliminate this fault. I struggled with roundabouts and needed to work on a couple of the Manoeuvre’s. Thanks Sam for all your help...”

Sofia Coope, Loughborough

#drivinglessonsloughborough Sofia Coope passed her Driving Test - 09.08.19 - Loughborough TC - 6dfs

"It's a great feeling passing my Driving Test and now in time, I hope to take my HGV license to be able to drive my horses to different events.  What a super experience it has been learning to drive and thanks Sam for all your help..."

Natalie Downes, Barrow Upon Soar

#drivinglessonsloughborough Natalie Downes passed her Driving Test - 07.08.19 - Loughborough TC- 12 df's

"I took a Driving Test 3 years ago in a different town. When I moved to a new location and started a new job, I decided it was time to think about re-taking this test and booking some lessons.  Although I felt I could drive, taking the Driving Test gave me such anxiety that I didn't feel I could achieve my dream. However, I booked a course of lessons with Smiles Driving and I worked so hard, determind to suceed.  I completed many Mock Tests and took my note pad out to each lesson.  Thank you so much......"

Nicole Spiring, Coalville

#drivinglessonsloughborough Nicole Spiring passed her Driving Test - 06.08.19 - Loughborough TC - 14 df's

"I found learning to drive extremely hard and I knew it wasn't going to be easy for me.  However, it was something that I wanted to achieve and I knew I needed to see the process through.  I passed on my 3rd attempt after on and off lessons over a period of 20 months.  When I passed I was in disbelief, but I'm very pleased with myself.  Thank you Sam... for believing in me."

Tom Huddlestone, Markfield

Tom Huddlestone passed his Driving Test with 5df's - Loughborough TC - 24.07.19

" I booked Smiles Driving as my brother passed with this Driving School, so it seemed an obvious choice.  I passed with 5 minors and now I have the freedom to drive to the different places I wanted to visit."

Dylan Moore, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Dylan Moore passed his Driving Test - First Time - 5 DFs - Loughborough TC - 17.07.19

"I was slightly still in shock when the examiner said I had passed my test, the adrenaline was still rushing through my body.  Sam at Smiles Driving said she had every confidence that I'd pass, but you can never be 100% sure.  A FIRST TIME pass and with only 22 hours of tuition was apparently a great achievement.  So I was grateful to receive the compliment."

James Riding, Thurcaston

#drivinglessonsloughborough James Riding passed his Driving Test First Time - 6dfs - 10.07.19 - Loughborough TC

"Following my brothers footsteps I decided to choose Smiles Driving for my lessons.  I passed FIRST TIME and delighted to be able to have the independance I wanted.  I now can drive our shared car to College and to other places I wanted to go."

Evie Wood, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Evie Wood passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME - 2 dfs - 27.06.19 - Loughborough TC

"I was so pleased to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME in just a 3 month timeframe.  My cousin had passed first time with minimal lessons and so I felt it was the obvious choice for me to choose Smiles Driving. Thank you."

Matthew Best, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Matthew Best passed his Driving Test First TIME with 5dfs- Loughborough TC - 06.06.19

"To pass my Driving Test was amazing and to pass FIRST TIME meant everything to me.  I was very apprehensive about the whole process, but Im so pleased I chose Sam from Smiles Driving, as she totally put me at ease.  Highly recommend the Services of Smiles Driving.....thanks"

Amy Harlow, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Amy Harlow passed her Driving Test - 1 df - Loughborough TC 31.05.19

"I was so pleased to of passed my Driving Test and especially with only 1 driver fault.  I now can concentrate on my studies and with the possibility of driveing to school and back."

Rutik Shah, Glenfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Rutik Shah passed his Driving Test - 10.05.19 - 10 dfs - Loughborough TC

"I took a course of lessons with Smiles Driving over a couple of months and really pleased to pass before my exams started.  I had postponed my lessons when I turned 17, as my main focus were my A levels. Thank you so much for your service....."

Toby Mason, Glenfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Toby Mason passed his Driving Test - 07.05.19 - 9 dfs - Loughborough TC

"I decided to book lessons with Sam from Smiles Driving as I knew her from when I was younger.  I had a course of weekly lessons and completed Mock Tests nearer to my Practical Test.  It was such a relief to pass my test in time for starting University."

Ethan Tailby, Ratby

Ethan Tailby passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME with 7 dfs - Loughborough TC - 28.03.19

"Passed my test FIRST TIME with just 19 hours of tuition.  Alongside the lessons, I regularly watched Youtube driving videos and referred to the Highway Code for additional advice.  I am so pleased to now be able to drive to college across Leicestershire and to work in the City of Leicester."

Alex Haggis, Markfield

#drivinglessonsinloughborough Alex Haggis passed his Driving Test FIRST TIME - 3 DFs - Loughborough TC - 22.03.19

"Moving up from Cornwall and living with my Grandparents was a new adventure for me.  To make new friends and to further my career, I felt I needed to learn to drive and pass my Driving Test.  I contacted Smiles Driving and together we arranged a course of lessons.  I managed to pass my test FIRST TIME and within a two month timeframe."

Alex Kidd, Ratby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Alex Kidd passed his Driving Test - 5 dfs - Loughborough TC - 11.03.19

"I was so relieved to of passed my Driving Test.  Although it wasn't my first attempt it was still a lovely feeling.  I knew I could do it and Sam from Smiles Driving had every faith in me.  With lots of Mock Tests and regular lessons I achieved the result I wanted."

Jessica King, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Jessica King passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME - 4dfs - 26.02.19 - Loughborough TC

"I was delighted to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME and feel satisfied to achieve this before going to University. Happy to recommend Smiles Driving....."

Joe Bolingbroke, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Joe Bolingbroke passed his Driving Test - 20.02.19 - 9dfs- Loughborough TC

"A great feeling to pass my Driving Test and a huge relief. Thanks Sam..."

Emily Birr, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Alice Birr passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME with 6 DF's - 13.02.19 - Loughborough TC

"Passing my Driving Test meant everything to me and passing FIRST TIME was an amazing feeling!

After a four month period of weekly lessons and three Mock tests in Loughborough, I just couldn't believe I did it!

Kyle Melhuish, Glenfield

Kyle Melhuish passed his Driving Test with 6 DFs - Loughborough TC - 04.02.19

"I had put off driving for many years.  After having a family of my own and the desire to take the kids to various places, I thought it was time to take the plunge and book a course of lessons and take my test.  After a few months I accomplished my goal."

Roseanna Hammond, Glenfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Roseanna Hammond passed her Driving Test at Loughborough Test Centre - 15 Dfs - 16.01.19

"My brother, his friends and a few other people I knew had taken lessons with Smiles Driving, so I decided to book weekly lessons around my college timetable.  I managed to pass my driving test just after my 18th birthday and now have the independance I wanted. Thanks Sam..."

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