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Elysia Clarke, Markfield

#femaledrivinginstructorloughborough Elysia Clarke passed her Driving Test First Time - 4dfs - Loughborough TC - 03.09.20

"I was so determind to pass, but  I was very open minded, as I know anything can happen on a Driving Test.   The fact I passed FIRST TIME I was totally surprised. Such a great feeling, mixed emotions including tearful.  I would certainly recommend Smiles Driving."

Georgina Paterson-Sylt, Anstey

#drivinglessonsloughborough Georgina Paterson-Sylt passed her Driving Test - First Time - 4dfs - Loughborough TC - 26.08.20

"I was quite nervous as I had had a 3.5 month break due to the virus and my test had been rescheduled.  However, I passed FIRST TIME and so excited!!"

Aaron Cookson, Markfield

#drivinginstructorloughborough Aaron Cookson passed his Driving Test First Time - 7dfs - 31.07.20 - Loughborough TC

"Great feeling, especially passing FIRST TIME and was worth the wait."

Ria Toon, Groby

#femaledrivinginstructorloughborough Ria Toon passed her Driving Test First Time - 5dfs - Loughborough TC - 27.07.20

"With having a 3.5 month break from lessons due to COVID-19, I was so pleased with just a handful more lessons to pass my test FIRST TIME and to be able to get out on the roads by myself - thanks Sam."

Mae Campbell, Braunstone

#drivinglessonswigston Mae Campbell passed her Driving Test at Wigston TC with 1 df - 24.07.20

"I felt fantastic and totally relieved once passing my Driving Test and so pleased to of passed FIRST TIME.  Many of my friends had chosen Sam at college for their lessons, so I was happy to go on recommendation."

Joshua Garner, Markfield

#driving lessonsloughborough Joshua Garner passed his Driving Test - FIRST TIME - 7 dfs - 13.03.20 - Loughborough TC

"After a Semi-Intensive course with Smiles Driving over a 7 day period, I managed to pass my Driving Test FIRST TIME. I was so pleased with the result and now can focus on my future University course. Thank you..."

Henry Lewis, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Henry Lewis passed his Driving Test First Time - 3 dfs - 05.03.20 - Loughborough TC

"I had seen that some of my friends had passed with Smiles Driving.  Therefore, I felt it was an easy choice to take lessons with this Driving School.  I booked weekly lessons around my work schedule and after 23.5 hours of tuition I passed my test FIRST TIIME."

Tom Smith, Stanton Under Bardon

#drivinglessonsloughborough, #drivinginstructorloughborough Tom Smith passed his Driving Test - FIRST TIME - 3dfs - 27.02.20

" Thanks Sam for helping me pass my Driving Test, I was delighted to pass FIRST TIME and with only 25 hours of lessons.  I would be happy to recommend your services to friends and family"

Willow Knight, Glenfield 

#drivinglessonsloughborough, #drivinginstructorloughborough Willow Knight passed her Driving Test - First Time - 4dfs - 27.02.20

"So pleased I passed my Driving Test and especially FIRST TIME.  I couldn't wait to get into my car the sameday I passed and drive to meet my mates."

Mark Funnell, Loughborough

#drivinglessonsloughborough Mark Funnell passed his Driving Test First Time with 2dfs - Loughborough TC - 21.02.20

"I had driven in Malaysia for 10 years on an Automatic License, but after moving to the UK I knew taking a Manual Driving Test was something I wanted to do and achieve.  I didn't realise how differently driving was in the UK and I needed to alter my style to adapt.  It wasn't difficult for me changing from Automatic to Manual, but I did find it a little difficult changing my driving methods to adapt to the UK roads.  However, I passed FIRST TIME after a handful of lessons."

Adam Symes-Goodman, Groby

#drivinglessonsloughborough Adam Symes-Goodman passed his Driving Test - First Time - 5dfs - Loughborough TC - 19.02.20

"My friends had taken lessons with Smiles Driving and I felt it was an obvious choice for me. I only had 19 hours of lessons and passed FIRST TIME.  Gosh..what an experience!  Thank you.."

Lauren Vaughan, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Lauren Vaughan passed her Driving Test FIRST TIME - 1df - 18.02.20 - Loughborough TC

"From the moment I started my Driving Lessons, I was determind to pass FIRST TIME and I achieved my goal.  I enjoyed every single lesson and found the journey a real experience.  Thanks Sam and I look forward to the Motorway lesson."

Charlie Sloan, Markfield

#drivinglessonsloughborough Charlie Sloan passed his Driving Test First Time - Loughborough TC - 7dfs - 17.02.20

"At first I wasn't sure about driving lessons, but I knew it was something I needed to do before I went to University.  After a few lessons, I really got into the whole process and became determind to pass.  I passed my Driving Test FIRST TIME and in the end just with 20 hours of tuition."

Lois Willett, Markfield 

#drivinglessonsloughborough Lois Willett passed her Driving Test - 6dfs - Loughborough TC - 11.02.20

“Passing my Test FIRST TIME was an amazing feeling and one I won’t forget. I can’t wait to drive to college and other places on my own. Thanks to Smiles Driving for their support...”

Ella Wright, Markfield

#DrivinglessonsLoughborough Ella Wright passed her Driving Test -29.01.20 - 4dfs - Loughborough TC

"I can now drive to work and have the freedom I wanted after passing my Driving Test.  I'm so glad I continued with my lessons after having a short break and achieved my goal!"

Cheryl Cluer, Ratby

#Drivinglessonsloughborough Cheryl Cluer passed her Driving Test - 9dfs - Loughborough TC - 23.01.20

"I was delighted to pass my Driving Test after years of starting and stopping with various instructors.  In my late 40's I have eventually conquered my dream.  It certainly wasn't easy for me and at times I thought Sam might give up with me, but we both stuck at it till the end and thank you Sam for having such faith in me."

Shreeya Palmer, Markfield

Shreeya Palmer passes her Driving Test - 5dfs -First Time in Loughborough -06.01.20

“My sister passed with Smiles Driving with minimal lessons and 1df, so I felt it was the obvious choice to take lessons with the same Instructor.  I managed to pass my test FIRST TIME within a 3 month period and so pleased with the result.”

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